Protect the Constitutional right to bail. Ensure pretrial release accountability within the judicial system. Educate and assist the public, legislators, and the judiciary on matters related to bail.

Bail Matters was created to provide an educational resource for those interested in the 8th Amendment and bail in the United States.

It is a collaborative effort by experts in bail to assist with factual information from legitimate sources. All facts will include legitimate sited sources.

Bail Bonds Facts
The only purpose of bail (any type – Release on own recognizance (ROR), signature, financial, pretrial agency, etc.) is to ensure the defendant appears for every required court date.
Appearance is essential to the courts, defendants and victims.
Surety bail is the most accountable form of release because it engages loved ones in a collaborative effort to create accountability. If the defendant fails to appear, the surety agent suffers a tremendous financial penalty if the defendant is not apprehended and returned to the jurisdiction.
Surety bail saves taxpayers money.
Judicial discretion regarding bail is vital. A local, experienced judge can make the best decisions with input from the prosecutor, defense, and victim.